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Payment Options

Otakumart offers a range of safe and easy payment options:

Paypal: We use Paypal to process credit/debit card payments. You can also create a Paypal account and link the account to your bank/card. This method is the fastest, most secure way to pay for your purchases through Otakumart. Payment is received instantly allowing us to ship faster and customers also have that extra layer of protection from Paypals service. Because we use Paypal, we have no need to store any payment information on our site. Paypal's terms and conditions apply.

Ping/Pay Now: This method is facilitated by Trademe and can be used on any of our Trademe listings. Credit/debit card can be used with this payment type. Ping/Pay Now's terms and conditions apply

Afterpay: Currently this method is only available through Trademe due to incompatibility issues with our site however we do plan to address this in the near future. If you would like to purchase something from our site that isn't on Trademe using this method, feel free to contact us anytime and we will set up a listing for you. Using this method requires signing up for Afterpay's service. With Afterpay, we receive payment instantly allowing us to ship the goods as fast as possible and you make 4 fortnightly payments of the total purchase price including shipping. Afterpay's terms and conditions apply.

Electronic bank deposit: This method is available on both our site and Trademe. Electronic (Internet/app/phone/ATM) transfer only. This can take up to 1 working day to clear before items are shipped. Our bank details are in our payment instructions sent after purchasing on Trademe, or in your order confirmation if purchasing from our site. This method isn't advised as it takes longer and is not as secure as other methods.

Over the counter deposit: This method is available on both our site and Trademe but if used on our site, incurs a fee. This method is for transferring payment to our bank via a teller in your bank. It is not advised as it costs more, is slower, and is less secure than the above methods.

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