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Latest News

Latest News

Merry Christmas from the Otakumart Team!

We’re hoping everyone has been able to enjoy a well deserved day of relaxing and celebrating, especially after such a turbulent year!
Orders will be processed over the weekend but dispatch will resume Tuesday morning when couriers are back at work. Support will still be available throughout the holidays so feel free to get in touch if we can help with anything in the meantime. The same will apply to New Year’s weekend.
Stay safe out there!
~ Otakumart Team

Considerable Delays for Anime Goods

Hello Everyone!

Just a bit of a general update:

Our shipments of Anime/Gundam related goods out of Japan are experiencing even heavier delays than before due to shortages of loading space caused by further reduction of flights and sea freight. We’re currently experiencing wait times of up to a whole month before our shipments even clear port. We’re currently in the process of securing other means of transport however and are hoping things will pick up well before Christmas.

There have also been minor delays with many of our Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon releases with some other trading card products such as accessories. We’ll have more sleeves and toploaders in stock soon!

Our team will be in touch directly regarding any major delays for pre-ordered items as more information comes in.

If you have any questions please contact us!

For anyone waiting on specific product; we haven’t forgotten about you! Thank you for your understanding and patience in these times.

Otakumart Team

Normality returns!

Finally things are nearly back to normal, we’re seeing parcels being delivered without delay and our new stock is finally arriving.

Thank you for your patience through all of this, we look forward to continue being your hobby supplier!

Otakumart Team

Further Delays


Well, it has been quite a rough few weeks on the courier/freight industry! The delays have become significantly worse and we’re now experiencing delays of up to 2 weeks within Auckland. For the rest of the country, delays between 5-10 business days are occurring. These delays don’t seem to be affecting our international customers. NZpost and Courierpost are working on a hiring campaign for more drivers and depot staff so hopefully we’ll see things start to speed up again soon.

The latest service updates are available here:

These freight delays are also severely affecting the arrival of our anticipated restocks and pre-order stock. We’ll be providing updates on arrivals as we can but due to the nature of the situation, we can’t provide an accurate ETA.

We’ll continue to operate as close to normal as we can, and follow up any requests. Just get in touch if we can help!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Otakumart Team

Delays and New Arrivals

Hi everyone!

Just a bit of an update on our situation:

We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about slow parcels over the past week. NZpost/Courierpost have advised that they are currently experiencing significant delays within their freight network. This is due to businesses re-opening and processing their work backlogs as well as a massive surge in online shopping. They have advised that delays of between 5 to 10 working days may occur. These delays are also been felt across the entire freight/transport/courier industry.

We’re doing everything we can on our end to keep things moving and we’re lodging tickets for all inquires. We do our best to monitor the delivery status of your parcels but if you notice there haven’t been any new scans for 5 days, just let us know and we’ll chase it up.

International freight has been quite an ordeal but hopefully we should finally start to see our new stock/restocks/pre-order stock starting to arrive again either this week or next so keep an eye out! We have a tonne of waitlisted products arriving too!

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these delays may cause and thank you very much for your patience.

As always, we’re here to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

– Otakumart Team

We’re Beginning To Process Orders!

While we’re unable to actually pack/ship until Tuesday morning, over the next few days before then we will be making a head start on the admin side of things such as sending out tracking numbers and other things we can do from home. Our system emails may include a shipping date/estimate but please disregard these at this point in time.

We’ve also been advised by our couriers that they are expecting to be very busy as businesses re-open. They are also experiencing driver shortages and other lockdown related delays. As a result the normal 1-3 working day delivery target might not be reachable until things calm down a bit.

Our suppliers have also advised us of some good news in that they have indicated they will be able to continue to supply us during level 3 until further notice. This includes pre-orders, new stock, and restocks across nearly every department. Over the past week we’ve been experiencing order volumes nearly 4 times of what we experience around Christmas so we’re certainly eager to see more stock come in and we apologize for the rather empty state of our site! We will provide updates as the situation develops and will be in touch directly with those that have pending pre-orders.

We’ll do our best to answer any and all questions anyone might have.

Be safe everyone!

~Otakumart Team

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