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Care & Display Guide for Anime Figures

Keeping your Anime figures protected from exposure to the elements can be a difficult task. How to care and what’s the best way to display your new Anime figure has been a common question so the Otakumart Team have complied our knowledge and expertise in this guide about caring for Anime figures.

The Elements to Avoid

These are the enemies of any Anime figure collection! When keeping or displaying your Anime figure the top things you want to avoid are:

  • Dust – Having your figures caked in dust will make them look dull and is distasteful.
  • Moisture – Moisture from the air, oil and dirt from your hands will cause grime and dirt to build on your figures.
  • Sunlight – Colours will fade on your figure under natural light. In extreme cases, figures may even warp or bubble.
  • Heat – Heat will cause your figure to warp, lean and/or bubble. Be aware that heat can come from sunlight, inefficient light bulbs and unventilated rooms.


Fixing Figures

Please note that these methods are not endorsed by figure manufacturers but are methods seen and used in the hobbyist community! Otakumart cannot accept liability for any accidents that may happen when following these guides.
Always do your own research before attempting!

Dust & Grime

A simple makeup brush or microfiber cloth for large areas and an air duster or q-tip for tighter spaces are great for getting dust off of anime figures. We’ve also seen hobbyists using damp magic (melamine) erasers for tough grime as they have finer particles compared to sandpaper which would normally leave noticeable scratches.

Chips & Broken Pieces

A collectors worst nightmare! The first thing you’d naturally reach for is glue but beware some glues will melt plastics. Research before you buy and go for brands known for selling similar products such as Tamiya and Revell(will melt plastic when used in large amounts!). Paint chips are also difficult to fix as the paints on figures are a combination of colours. A common method is to use Tamiya acrylic, Gundam markers or enamel paint which is easier to remove if you make mistakes using enamel solvent and a cotton ball or pad. Once applied, you will need to use top coat to remove the shine of the paint and it will be finished.

Pegs not lining up or fitting?

A simple trick used by many collectors is using a hair dryer with a warm setting or placing it in warm water. The heat will soften and expand the PVC allowing you to position your figure to fit perfectly in place. Be sure not to use too much heat as this can damage the figure! If the pegs are too long you can use sandpaper or a file to sand it down.

Displaying Your Anime Figure

There are many approaches you can choose when it comes to displaying your Anime figures and each have their pros and cons. Just remember to keep them away from rooms that are not well ventilated(garage, attics, etc.) and areas where sunlight hits.

Detolf or Glass Cabinet

The Detolf is, in our opinion, the best method to display your collection at a fair price. You will find that you won’t be able to adjust the shelves on a detolf but the anime figure community has DIY methods to adjust and add new shelves in them to reduce wasted space using metal clips and acrylic supports. They are a great display as figures can be seen from all sides and are protected from most elements such as dust and moisture. Glass cabinets have a 360 view and adds class to any room!


Unlike the detolf, bookshelves have adjustable shelves but allow for greater exposure to dust and moisture. Collectors might use the bottom shelves for manga or light novels as the lower shelves tend to be concealed close-up. They are sturdy and inexpensive when purchased second-hand. Bookshelves also come in many different sizes so you can find one perfect for your room!

Bookcases with A Glass Door

Why not go for a mix of the two? The sturdiness of a bookshelf and the class and protection of a glass door.

Display Cases

There are a large range of sizes for display cases so you’ll always find one for your figures. You can display them individually or have several in one display case. They can be stackable, dust-resistant and made of sturdy plastic.

Additional Accessories

These additional accessories will help spruce up your figure collection!

  • LED strips(white or multicoloured)
  • Acrylic Risers (can be substituted with deck boxes)
  • Props (cotton balls for snow, cloth or fake flowers for a nice touch)
  • Dioramas
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