Figure Guide

Figure Guide

Below are figure classifications and their attributes

Scale Figures

Mostly designed by Japanese and made in China by companies such as Good Smile Company, Alter, and Max Factory. These figures are non poseable and are usually made from PVC or ABS plastic scaling from 1/12 to 1/4. They are generally very high quality with great detail and paintwork which is reflected in the price. Scale figures are usually only released once so older figures can be extremely expensive and hard to come by. Some scales come with optional or cast off (removable) parts.

Prize Figures

Produced by companies such as SEGA and Taito, these figures are often bundled with games or other merchandise or sold cheaply as stand alones. They are generally very low quality in their sculpt and paintwork compared to scale figures and often come with defects and seamlines. Their price reflects their quality but some rarer prize figures can be worth as much as scales.


Made by Good Smile Company, these non scale figures have unproportionate features such as big heads and small bodies. They are somewhat poseable and come with a stand and optional accessories. There are many different customizable parts that are sold separately for these figures such dioramas.


Also made by Good Smile Company, these figures usually stand about 15cm tall and include optional parts and a stand. While they are very poseable they are also delicate.