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Can Otakumart stock (Insert item not listed here)? I don’t see it listed on your site.

We are often able to source specific products we don’t usually carry, even if they are out of print/older releases. Contact us via the methods at the bottom of the page (or via this form) and we will let you know as soon as possible if we can or not along with pricing/more information.

Does Otakumart ship internationally?

We now offer some international shipping options. Click here for more information about shipping.

Can I pickup what I buy from Otakumart?

Otakumart does not currently facilitate pickups. Click here for more information about shipping.

Are all of your Japanese/anime goods made in Japan?

The vast majority of these items are at least designed in Japan. Model kits from manufacturers such as Bandai and Kotobukiya are designed and manufactured in Japan. Anime figures from manufacturers such as Good Smile Company and Alter are nearly always designed in Japan but for the most part are manufactured in China, these are the authentic figures. Dolls such as Azone are designed in Japan and have parts made in both Japan and China, all parts are authentic. See our “Beginners Guide to Anime figures” here and our “Gundam Grade Guide” here for more information. The majority of our trading cards are sourced from the UK but some come direct from Japan too.

Why are so many of your products out of stock?

Many of our items (especially figures and exclusive/limited items) are stocked on release and then as we find stock. After release prices reflect market value. We keep them listed on our site as often we can source them even after the production period. If you are after a particular item that is listed on our site or not which is not a recent production, let us know as there is a good chance we will be able to supply it for you.

Can I have a discount please? Does Otakumart have sales?

At Otakumart, we are unanimously against modern sale culture. Ever purchased something only to have it go on sale the next day? Well we have many a time! These days, most retailers take into account that they will have sales and markup their standard prices accordingly to make the sales more appetizing. Otakumart operates as EDLP (Every Day Low Price) so we can’t usually offer discounts/sales however when purchasing multiple items we can sometimes come up with a better deal such as minor discounts and/or freebies. We also offer free shipping within NZ for all orders over $150.00 and we price match. For more information about price matching, click here.

Does Otakumart operate during Public Holidays?

We work just about every day of the year however we are not able to dispatch on Public Holidays due to post/courier services being closed.

Does Otakumart carry stock or are orders drop-shipped/shipped from supplier? Are your products in stock and ready to ship? Where do your products ship from?

We at Otakumart are vehemently against any kind of drop-shipping and shipping from suppliers, especially the likes of those that ship from overseas. We believe this is counter competitive for New Zealand businesses and more often than not results in a bad experience for customers including long wait times, hefty customs duty/fees, and out of stock products. All of our products come through our South Auckland based warehouse and are shipped from there. All of our products (Asides from Pre-Orders) are on hand and ready to ship. The only other exception for this might be inventory errors (We’re human!)

How are your products stored?

Many of our products, especially figures, are temperature sensitive. We operate out of a climate controlled warehouse that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have systems in place for dust reduction (It’s no fun receiving a figure with it’s box covered in dust!) and vermin control. We often store high value product with extra protection from the elements such as wrap. We have a humidity range that we operate within to ensure our Trading Cards which are often stored for a very long time, stay in top condition.

Price Matching

If you find the same stocked item cheaper elsewhere Otakumart will do our best to match and/or beat it!


  • Must be a New Zealand online or retail/brick and mortar store.
  • The item must be identical in every aspect.
  • The product must be in stock with our competitor.
  • Shipping costs will be taken into account.



  • We do not match special offers or limited time prices, only list prices.
  • Otakumart does not price match drop shippers (Stores that ship directly from their supplier).
  • In most cases we will not price match private sales.

We reserve the right to refuse any price match for any reason (Reason will be stated).

How to price match:

To apply for a price match, please fill out this form and we will get back to you asap with a result. You can also email us with details about what you want price matched via our service email:

If we can successfully price match the item for you, the new price will be available through either our site (Via coupons, flat discounts etc), Trademe, or a direct purchase order at our discretion.

Payment Options

Otakumart offers a range of safe and easy payment options:

Credit/Debit Card:

Now available directly through our checkout! This method is fast, easy, and secure. We receive payment instantly and are able to ship your order as soon as possible. All major credit and debit cards can be used with this method.


Paypal can be used with credit/debit cards even without a Paypal account. You can also create an account and link the it to your bank/card. This method is the fastest, most secure way to pay for your purchases through Otakumart. Payment is received instantly allowing us to ship faster and customers also have that extra layer of protection from PayPal’s buyer protection service. Paypal’s terms and conditions apply.

Ping/Pay Now:

This method is facilitated by Trademe and can be used on any of our Trademe listings. Credit/debit card can be used with this payment type. Ping/Pay Now’s terms and conditions apply.


Now available directly through our website as well as our Trademe listings! This method requires signing up for Afterpay’s service. With Afterpay, we receive payment instantly allowing us to ship the goods as fast as possible and you make 4 fortnightly payments of the total purchase price including shipping. Afterpay’s terms and conditions apply.


This payment method is now available directly through our site. To use this, select the Laybuy payment method at checkout, you will then be directed to Laybuy’s website where you can sign in or register and schedule your payments. Laybuy’s terms and conditions apply.

Please note: This method is different to our “Otakumart on account laybuy” method.


Genoapay is now available at our website checkout. This is a buy now, pay later system similar to Laybuy and Afterpay. When selected at checkout to complete your order, you will be directed to Genoapay’s where you can sign in or register to set up your payments. Genoapay’s terms and conditions apply.

Direct Bank Transfer (Electronic):

This method is available on both our site and Trademe. Electronic (Internet/app/phone/ATM) transfer only. This can take up to 1 working day to clear before items are shipped. Our bank details are in our payment instructions sent after purchasing on Trademe, or in your order confirmation if purchasing from our site. This method isn’t advised as it takes longer and is not as secure as other methods.

Direct Bank Transfer (Over the counter):

Available through our site. This method is for transferring payment to our bank via a teller in your bank. It is not advised as it costs more, is slower, and is less secure than the above methods.

Shipping Information

Delivery Time

Please note: The team here at Otakumart are always doing their best to get your orders to you as soon as possible but we do not have any control over courier and post companies/services, delivery times are not guaranteed however most services have delivery targets which are listed below. We dispatch at least twice a week but more often than not dispatch 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) with the occasional Saturday.

Packaging Material

We use recycled boxes and packaging material as much as possible to help reduce costs and our environmental impact. Most of our packaging comes from local stores whom we work with. Sometimes due to the shape of orders we cannot use recycled packaging and instead use our own custom boxes and satchels.

Shipping Methods

New Zealand Wide

  • Parcel– This is the safest shipping option. Items will be wrapped and packed into cardboard boxes. Packing paper, bubble wrap, or sealed air will be used to fill excess space and ensure the item does not move in transit. Additional packing paper may be used for outer box presentation. Delivery Target: 1-3 working days.
  • Satchels– Custom plastic satchels are used for this option and there are 2 sizes available currently. Bubble/paper wrap will be used where applicable and cardboard will be used for more fragile items. Postbags offer a lot less protection compared to items send via our parcel option. We will do our utmost to pack items as safely as can be for transit but cannot be held accountable for driver mishaps however, items are insured for the unlikely event that the item is damaged. Delivery Target 1-3 working days
  • Envelopes– Standard post is used as Fastpost is redundant. This method is mainly used for trading cards. Cards will be sandwiched between cardboard to add protection and will usually be in sleeves unless a toploader is specified. Delivery Target: 1-7 days.
  • Pickup– Not currently available.

Australia Wide

Due to popular demand we are now offering a number of shipping options to Australia. Import fees may apply and are at the expense of the receiver.

  • Courier The most expensive but safest and quickest option currently available. This service has limited tracking and contents are insured up to $2000 NZD. Items will be packed as per above. This option is available on orders up to 30kgs. Delivery Target: 2-6 working days.
  • Parcel An economical option however it is not recommended for high value orders as there is no tracking or insurance with this service. This option is to be used at buyers risk, in the unlikely event a parcel goes missing or is damaged, Otakumart will do our best to provide a remedy but we cannot be held responsible for your choice to use this option. Delivery Target: 3-10 working days.
  • Envelope This method has low size constraints but is a very cheap option. This method is mainly available for use with our Trading Card range. Please note: Like our Australian Wide Parcel option, this method does not come with any insurance or tracking and is to be used at the buyers risk. Delivery Target: 3-10 working days.


All other countries

Currently we do not have any front end shipping options for countries outside of New Zealand and Australia however if you would like a shipping quote please contact us via the options at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you with one as soon as possible.

Tracking Events (Within New Zealand)

Due to some justified confusion around Courierpost’s/NZpost’s tracking system, we have come up with a brief description of what some of the events mean:

  • Label created“- This events means that your parcel’s shipping has been booked in and is awaiting pickup. You should receive an email from our system with your tracking number as well as an updated order status around the same time this event occurs.
  • Picked up“- Your parcel has been picked up and is with our local courier.
  • Ready to collect“- This event is a confusing one as it is used for two different scenarios in Courierpost’s/NZpost’s tracking system. If this tracking event occurs at approximately the same time as the “Picked up” event or several hours later, please disregard any emails/text messages you might receive. In this instance this event means that your parcel is waiting at the local depot for pickup and transport to the regional sorting center. If this event occurs after “Processing at depot” or “Delivery attempted”, this means you may have received a “card to call” in your mailbox, please follow the instructions this card provides.


If you are after any further information, please feel free to contact us via the options at the bottom of the page.

About Otakumart on account laybuys

Otakumart is happy to provide an account based laybuy service for our customers. We currently don’t have an automated system for this so if you would like to open a laybuy account with us, please contact us directly via the contact details at the bottom of the page.

What can I buy with laybuy?

You can use laybuy for any of the items sold by Otakumart, either on our website or Trademe. There is no minimum purchase amount.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

10% of the purchase price excluding shipping is required upfront although we do make exceptions from time to time. This is non-refundable although there can be exceptions.

How much extra does it cost to laybuy an item?

There is no extra cost for purchasing through Otakumart via on account laybuy.

What if I want to cancel my laybuy?

In the event of cancellation the 10% is not refundable in most cases (No exceptions for laybuys of pre-orders). The sum of what you have paid after that will be refunded to you via your preferred method.

How often do I have to make payments?

There is no fixed payment terms but and this will be handled on a case by case basis. In many cases there will be no requirements as long as you stay in touch!

When will I receive the items I have laybuyed?

Items will be shipped once payment included shipping has been received in full.

Contact Us

You can contact Otakumart via the methods in our contact section at the bottom of the page.

Pre-order Items

Otakumart Pre-Orders are now available!

What is a Pre-order?

A pre-order is reserving an item for your purchase before the item has reached the shelves. This means as soon as the item arrives at our warehouse it will be shipped out to your delivery address before it is stocked on our site or other trade mediums. For our full range of items available for pre-order, click here. You can also browse through our departments for pre-order items, they are labelled appropriately.

How do pre-orders work?

Pre-orders work almost exactly the same as a regular purchase through Otakumart, the only difference is the time-frame you will receive the item in. Payment is required upfront just the same as a regular purchase however we can arrange laybuy for pre-orders (Standard laybuy terms and conditions apply). For more information on laybuys, click here. Afterpay also works as normal when purchasing pre-orders on Otakumart.

The price of the item went down but I already paid for my pre-order! How could you, Otakumart!?

Occasionally, the price of pre-order items change during their production/release cycle. If you have a pre-order with Otakumart and this does occur, you will always pay the lowest price that the item has been offered at. If you have already paid the higher price than the new price, the difference will be refunded. If the price of an item goes up however, no action is required, you have already reserved the item at the lowest price. The same applies to laybuys in both cases (Refunds dealt with accordingly based on payment due). If using Afterpay to pay for your pre-order, standard Afterpay terms & conditions apply to refunds.

My delivery address has changed since I placed my pre-order!!

Not a problem. Contact us via the details at the bottom of the page and we will be able to update the address on your order. If you have any queries about this process please don’t hesitate to let us know! We love to help.

I want to cancel my pre-order.

Unfortunately, under most circumstances Otakumart will not allow cancellations on a change of mind basis. We may allow some exceptions or work-arounds on a case to case basis so feel free to contact us. Standard laybuy policy will apply to pre-order laybuys. For more information on laybuys, click here.

When will I receive my pre-order?

Pre-order estimate availability dates will be listed on the product details page. Please note; these dates are estimates only and actual availability can vary either side of the estimate and in some rare cases manufacturers may even cancel production of the item part way though. Please see below for more information on this. Once the product is available, our standard shipping targets apply. For more information on shipping and shipping targets, click here. Delays of over a month will be communicated via email and the product page.

The manufacturer cancelled production of the item!! You cannot supply it anymore, Otakumart!!

Rest assured, if for any reason Otakumart is unable to supply the item you have pre-ordered, you will receive a full refund, including shipping as well a 10% off voucher for your next purchase. This also applied to customers using laybuy/Afterpay for their pre-order and includes your deposit for the item. Manufacturer cancellations are rare but we have got you covered!

Pre-owned Items

Otakumart carries a variety of pre-owned items, the bulk of which being figures. They are generally items that are well past their initial release and their price reflects market value, condition, and rarity. Each item is carefully inspected by our team and then graded before they are offered for sale. All pre-owned items will at least have their grade on their product option however we will add specific details where necessary.

For further information about a specific product, please feel free to contact us via our contact details at the bottom of the page. We would be more than happy to help. We can also provide pictures of the item itself if they are not already in the product description.

Grading system is as follows:

Figures and similar items

This grading system is split into 2 parts, item grade and packaging grade as follows:


Tier 1 (T1)– Excellent condition, appears new.

Tier 2 (T2)– Good condition, potentially a bit of dust in parts that are not easily dusted. Slight signs of wear such as scuffing that can often be seen on stands and bases that have had dust on them.

Tier 3 (T3)– Reasonable condition, shows signs of dust, possible light damage to paint, potential scuffs and marks.

Tier 4 (T4)– Poor condition, potentially minor broken parts, issues with parts such as loose fitting, signs of dust, scratching and scuff marks.


Tier 1 (T1)– Excellent condition, appears new. All packaging parts included.

Tier 2 (T2)– Good condition, seals broken but have been resealed by us. Minor scuffing or folding where packaging has been opened. Potentially missing some minor packaging parts such as wire ties.

Tier 3 (T3)– Reasonable condition, seals broken broken but have been resealed by us. Noticeable scuffing and bending. Missing some packaging parts such as wire ties and plastic covers.

Tier 4 (T4)– Poor condition, seals broken but have been resealed by us. Very noticeable scuffing and bending, possible some ripping patched up by us. Missing parts of packaging.