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About Pre-Owned Items

Otakumart carries a variety of pre-owned items, the bulk of which being figures. They are generally items that are well past their initial release and their price reflects market value, condition, and rarity. Each item is carefully inspected by our team and then graded before they are offered for sale. All pre-owned items will at least have their grade on their product option however we will add specific details where necessary.

For further information about a specific product, please feel free to contact us via our contact details at the bottom of the page. We would be more than happy to help. We can also provide pictures of the item itself if they are not already in the product description.

Grading system is as follows:

Figures and similar items

This grading system is split into 2 parts, item grade and packaging grade as follows:


Tier 1 (T1)Excellent condition, appears new.

Tier 2 (T2)Good condition, potentially a bit of dust in parts that are not easily dusted. Slight signs of wear such as scuffing that can often be seen on stands and bases that have had dust on them.

Tier 3 (T3)Reasonable condition, shows signs of dust, possible light damage to paint, potential scuffs and marks.

Tier 4 (T4)Poor condition, potentially minor broken parts, issues with parts such as loose fitting, signs of dust, scratching and scuff marks.


Tier 1 (T1)Excellent condition, appears new. All packaging parts included.

Tier 2 (T2)Good condition, seals broken but have been resealed by us. Minor scuffing or folding where packaging has been opened. Potentially missing some minor packaging parts such as wire ties.

Tier 3 (T3)Reasonable condition, seals broken broken but have been resealed by us. Noticeable scuffing and bending. Missing some packaging parts such as wire ties and plastic covers.

Tier 4 (T4)Poor condition, seals broken but have been resealed by us. Very noticeable scuffing and bending, possible some ripping patched up by us. Missing parts of packaging.

Other Possible Grades:

Damaged BoxRarely, one of our products may arrive with a large dent or other damages. The item itself however is still sealed and undamaged inside.
Manufacturers fault Very rarely, we may receive an item with a defect that was caused during the manufacturing process. Examples may be colour tone or missing details.

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