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Black Rock Shooter (inexhaustible ver.) | 1/8 Scale Anime Figure


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10th BRS inexhaustible

Presenting a brand new scale figure from “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER”.
Based on the 10th Anniversary illustration “10th BRS inexhaustible”, the figure features Black Rock Shooter stood atop the Rock Cannon as it fires into the ground with a brilliant blue light.

The base features a light source that acts as indirect lighting for the whole figure. The faint glow of the crystallized blue flames and her mechanical wings have been faithfully brought into figure form.

Black Rock Shooter appears emotionless, and her expression gives off a feeling of lethargy. However, her sharp gaze and pose work to give this face a cool, determined impression as well. In order to bring huke’s unique, multifaceted style into the third dimension, the expression was evaluated countless times by Good Smile Company CEO Takanori Aki and huke himself.

Meticulous Planning
The structure of her mechanical wings is difficult to imagine from the original illustration alone.
Using design data provided by huke, Good Smile Company further tweaked and adapted the design to create a three-dimensional prototype.
With precise modeling and paintwork, the inorganic appearance of the wings uniquely combines and contrasts with Black Rock Shooter’s pale, soft skin.

The Rock Cannon
The unfolded barrel, crystallized flames and thick tangled cables of Black Rock Shooter’s massive Rock Cannon weave a new story.

Recreating the Illusion
Shadowed areas in the illustration hide fine details that could not be drawn. huke and the production team made many adjustments while creating the 3D model to preserve the look of the original illustration while bringing every detail to life.

Black – a color the changes everything
Her hair, clothing, wings and the Rock Cannon—each part features a different black color, with the glossy areas, metal and rubber of the cables each painted to preserve their individual textures. The Rock Cannon features a spectrum of black colors, from jet black at the bottom to a metallic black with highlights at the top. The highlights you see in the photos are not created by light, but by color.

White – a color that can’t exist on its own
If the white color of Black Rock Shooter’s characteristic pale skin from the illustration were used for painting the figure, she would appear lifeless without a natural complexion. In order to preserve the illustration’s white color in figure form, the production team went through extensive trial-and-error, trying different shades of white and layering them to express the correct shade. In the end, there were doubts about whether the chosen white color would work for the figure when parts were viewed on their own, but when the figure came together, it was clear that the team made the correct choice.

Blue – a color close to Black Rock Shooter
Her feather hair ornament, the sutures in her left arm, and the blue flame in her eyes—this scattered shining blue color is synonymous with Black Rock Shooter. The crystallized flames of the Rock Cannon have been recreated with translucent parts and a gradated blue color. The flames have been carefully designed to be both translucent and appear glowing even without a light source.

Light Source Design
When a light source is directly incorporated into a part that is to be illuminated, the light source must fit inside the part itself. This makes it difficult to incorporate lights into thin, smaller areas, such as the mechanical wings. Even if those areas could be lit up with an internal light source, the lighting would appear uneven due to parts closer to the light shining brighter than those further away. The production team and manufacturing team once again went through extensive trial-and-error to develop a design that could not only be created in figure form but mass-produced as well. In the end, the solution the teams came up with was indirect lighting. By installing two light sources at the base of the figure, it is illuminated from the bottom. This helps preserve the finely detailed sculpting of the figure while achieving the desired luminous effect.

Capturing the Light
Various adjustments were made to capture and diffuse the light properly. Due to the complex structure of the backpack, there were inevitably areas that blocked the light from underneath and casted shadows. These problem areas were repeatedly inspected and adjusted to allow light to reach all areas of the wings. In contrast, the placement and angle of both the light source and the figure itself were carefully adjusted to prevent light from shining on areas that are not meant to be illuminated, like Black Rock Shooter’s body.

Painted 1/8th scale ABS&PVC complete product with stand included.
USB Cable included (USB Type-A to Micro-B).
*USB cable can be plugged into USB power source to turn on lighting.

Figure Size: Approximately 460mm in height.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm

Initital Release Date

May 2022









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