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BT06 Double Diamond Booster Pack | Digimon CCG


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Digimon CCG
BT06 Double Diamond

Digivolve an unstoppable Digimon of your very own to take on all comers!

The Digimon Card Game is a competitive trading card game – each player has a companion Digimon in the battle area to attack the opponent. Your Digimon evolves, gets stronger, and gains new power! You win by beating your opponent’s security (reducing your opponent’s Security Area cards to zero) and delivering a knockout blow!

Featuring [ROYAL KNIGHTS] Digimon and Digimon that debuts from Movies are included in this set! BT06 includes the debut of Agumon – Bond of Bravery and Gabumon – Bond of Friendship from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna! Royal Knights like Alphamon and Dynasmon make their first appearance too!

Announcing a new type of Option cards that can be cast at ANY point of time, available for each color!

Start your collection today!

1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards each.

Total of 113 Card Types!
Common: 44 Types
Uncommon: 30 Types
Rare: 26 Types
Super Rare: 11 Types
Secret Rare: 2 Types

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1 cm
Card Game

Initital Release Date

October 2021



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