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Regicide (Red) | Fantasy Card Game
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Regicide (Red) | Fantasy Card Game


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A sinister corruption has spread throughout the four great kingdoms, blackening the hearts of once-loved Kings and Queens and those that protect them. As brave adventurers you must work together using the special powers of your champions and animal companions. Overthrow the corrupted monarchs, purge them of their darkness and add them to your ranks so that life can be brought to the land once more. In Regicide players must work together and use the unique powers of each suit to achieve victory

Recruit heroes, storm the castle and defeat the corrupted Monarchy!

Regicide is a cooperative, fantasy card game for 2 to 4 players, played using a standard deck of cards.

Players work together to defeat 12 powerful enemies. On their turn a player plays a card to the table to attack the enemy and once enough damage is dealt, the enemy is defeated. The players win when the last King is defeated. But beware! Each turn the enemy strikes back. Players will discard cards to satisfy the damage and if they can’t discard enough, everyone loses.

Rich with tactical decisions and a deep heuristic tree, Regicide is a huge challenge for anyone who is brave enough to take it on.

Why play a boring 2 of Spades when you could instead play a cute Gnome wielding an oversized cheese cutter?

2–4 Players
10–30 Min Playing Time
Recommended Age: 10+

Regicide – Learn to Play by Badgers From Mars

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