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Rarity Guide for Magic: The Gathering

Rarity Guide for Magic: The Gathering

Rarity in Magic: The Gathering determines the chances you have of pulling a card out of a booster pack.
There are 4 rarities in Magic: The Gathering:

Common (C)

A Black Symbol

Uncommon (U)

A Silver Symbol

Rare (R)

A Gold Symbol

Mythic Rare (M)

An Orange Symbol

In a draft ‘Booster Pack’ there are 15 cards that will include:

    • 1 Basic Land
    • 10 Common Cards
    • 3 Uncommon Cards
    • 1 Rare or Mythic Rare card

There is also a chance to receive a foil variant of the card.

Cards with higher rarity tend to be more sought after as they are more expensive and powerful!

Mythic Rare, Rare and some Promo cards have a foil sticker at the bottom of the card. This does not appear on older cards however.

The rarity can be identified by the colour of the set symbol or the letter above the artist, in this case, this card is a rare.

Foil Cards

Foil cards are easy to identify as they have a “shiny” layer that make them special. Foil cards tend to be more expensive than their non-foil variants as they take more luck to pull.


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