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Rarity Guide for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rarity in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG affects the chances of pulling a card out of a booster pack.

There are many rarities in Yu-Gi-Oh! and the list continues to grow as new booster sets come out bringing new and old rarities back. This guide will cover the most common rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Secret Rare
  • Ultimate Rare
  • Starfoil Rare
  • Ghost Rare


Common cards are the most basic rarity in Yu-Gi-Oh! and have no holofoil effects.


Rare cards have a foil card name. Unlike higher rarities Rare cards do not have foil effects on the artwork.

Super Rare

Super Rare cards have a foil effect on the card artwork but not the card name. Later sets also have foil attributes.

Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare cards have both a foil effect on the card artwork and the card name.

Secret Rare

Secret Rare cards are similar to Ultra rare having both a foil effect on the card artwork and the card name. The only difference is their distinctive sparkling cross-hatch-like foil effect on the artwork.

Ultimate Rare

Ultimate Rare cards have a gold foil effect on the card name. They also have foil effects on the card artwork, border and other parts of the card such as card attribute and level. These cards can be extremely fragile.

Starfoil Rare

Starfoil Rares have a star-burst foil effect on the entire front of the card.

Ghost Rare

Ghost Rare cards have most of the colour removed from the card artwork and have a unique 3D-like affect.

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