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Spotting Counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Here is a guide on how to identify and check for characteristics of fake Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards. These are the features we tend to look for when we encounter possible counterfeit cards.

It is important to note that counterfeits have been improving and some of these methods may not be dependable in the future. Comparing your cards with authentic ones and having knowledge on the card features is always the best trick to uncover fakes.

Loupe Test

A loupe is always a key tool when checking for collector items’ authenticity and we always have one handy when sorting our cards. Authentic Yu-Gi-Oh! Card text is a clean, crisp, pure black. The characters in the attribute and the“KONAMI” at the back of the card should also be a clean crisp white text.

Hologram Sticker

All Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards has a hologram sticker in the bottom right corner of the card that has been stamped on during printing to represent the card edition. Gold holograms are 1st Edition while silver are for Unlimited Edition. Inside the hologram, you should see a clear symbol of the eye of Horus and “Yu-Gi-Oh” as you tilt the card in the light. Counterfeit cards will not reveal this characteristic or have no hologram on them. It should also be important to note that these holograms are not stickers and if they can be peeled off then they are fake.


Font & Spelling

Konami is consistent with the font they use. Compare your card with an authentic Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG card and if you notice it has a different font, it will be more than likely to be a fake. It is also important to check and compare the cards’ spelling and set code with another online. (Please note that sometimes misprints such as spacing can occur in production!)

  • A Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards’ name and type are always in uppercase.
  • “©1996 KAZUKI TAKAHASHI” is sometimes missing or spelt wrong in fakes


Counterfeiters will occasionally use incorrect symbols for the card attribute and level. Please note that older sets used “MAGIC” instead of “SPELL”.

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