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Yu-Gi-Oh! Set List

Yu-Gi-Oh! Set List

Yu-Gi-Oh! SetsSet NameSet CodeListed CardsEditionRelease Date
2021 Tin of Ancient BattlesMP212581st Edition30/09/2021
Dawn of MajestyDAMA1001st Edition12/08/2021
Egyptian God Deck: Slifer the Sky DragonEGS1381st Edition17/07/2021
Egyptian God Deck: Obelisk the TormentorEGS1351st Edition17/07/2021
King’s CourtKICO621st Edition08/07/2021
Lightning OverdriveLIOV1001st Editon03/06/2021
Ancient GuardiansANGU601st Edition06/05/2021
Ghosts from the PastGFTP1321st Edition15/04/2021
Structure Deck: Freezing ChainsSDFC461st Edition18/02/2021
Blazing VortexBLVO1001st Edition04/02/2021
Genesis ImpactGEIM601st Edition04/12/2020
Maximum GoldMAGO1621st Edition12/11/2020
Phantom RagePHRA1011st Edition05/11/2020
Structure Deck: Spirit CharmersSDCH501st Edition22/10/2020
Legendary Duelists: Rage of RaLED7571st Edition24/09/2020
2020 Tin of Lost Memories Mega PackMP192491st Edition27/08/2020
Return of the DuelistREDU1001st Edition24/08/2012
Rise of the DuelistROTD1001st Edition06/08/2020
Toon ChaosTOCH60Unlimited18/06/2020
Speed Duel: Battle City BoxSBCB2031st Edition26/11/2020
Structure Deck: Sacred BeastsSDSA461st Edition10/06/2020
Eternity CodeETCO1011st Edition30/04/2020
Structure Deck: Shaddoll ShowdownSDSH491st Edition/Unlimited13/02/2020
Ignition AssaultIGAS1001st Edition30/01/2020
Mystic FightersMYFI601st Edition21/11/2019
Chaos ImpactCHIM1001st Edition24/10/2019
2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin Mega PackMP192701st Edition29/08/2019
Structure Deck: Rokket RevoltSDRR461st Edition16/08/2019
Rising RampageRIRA1001st Edition25/07/2019
Dark NeostormDANE1001st Edition02/05/2019
Duel PowerDUPO1061st Edition/Limited04/04/2019
Speed Duel: Arena of Lost SoulsSBLS501st Edition28/03/2019
Soul FusionSOFU1001st Edition18/10/2018
Structure Deck: Powercode LinkSDPL421st Edition09/08/2018
Circuit BreakCIBR1001st Edition19/10/2017
Code of the DuelistCOTD1001st Edition03/08/2017
Maximum CrisisMACR1001st Edition04/05/2017
Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure DeckSR04391st Edition13/04/2017
Invasion: VengeanceINOV1001st Edition03/11/2016
Millennium PackMIL1481st Edition14/04/2016
Wing RaidersWIRA601st Edition11/02/2016
Dimension of ChaosDOCS1001st Edition05/11/2015
Clash of RebellionsCORE1001st Edition/Unlimited06/08/2015
World SuperstarsWSUP521st Edition16/04/2015
Strarter Deck Yugi ReloadedYSYR50Unlimited06/12/2013
Abyss RisingABYR1001st Edition/Unlimited09/11/2012
Starter Deck: Dawn of the XyzYS11431st Edition08/07/2011
Starter Deck PegasusSDP501st Edition/Unlimited30/03/2003

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