Trading Card Set List

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Card GameRelease DateSet NameSet CodeListed CardsSpoiler CountSet TypeManufacturerCard ListBuy Cards
Magic: The Gathering17/11/2017Iconic MastersIMA249249Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Iconic Masters Card ListShop Iconic Masters
Magic: The Gathering20/01/2017Aether RevoltAER184194Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Aether Revolt Card ListShop Aether Revolt
Magic: The Gathering30/09/2016KaladeshKLD264274Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Kaladesh Card ListShop Kaladesh
Magic: The Gathering18/07/2014Magic 2015M15269284Core SetWizards of the Coast Magic 2015 Card ListShop Magic 2015
Magic: The Gathering26/08/2016Conspiracy: Take the CrownCN2221222Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Conspiracy: Take the Crown Card ListShop Conspiracy: Take the Crown
Magic: The Gathering22/01/2016Oath of the GatewatchOGW184186Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Oath of the Gatewatch Card ListShop Oath of the Gatewatch
Magic: The Gathering27/05/2015Dragons of TarkirDTK264264Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Dragons of Tarkir Card ListShop Dragons of Tarkir
Magic: The Gathering02/07/2014Born of the GodsBNG165165Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Born of the Gods Card ListShop Born of the Gods
Magic: The Gathering03/05/2013Dragon's MazeDGM156156Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Dragon's Maze Card ListShop Dragon's Maze
Magic: The Gathering05/10/2012Return to RavnicaRTR274274Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Return to Ravnica Card ListShop Return to Ravnica
Magic: The Gathering02/06/2009ConfluxCON145145Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Conflux Card ListShop Conflux
Magic: The Gathering10/01/2004Champions of KamigawaCHK306307Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Champions of Kamigawa Card ListShop Champions of Kamigawa
Magic: The Gathering12/10/1998Urza's SagaUSG350350Expansion SetWizards of the Coast Urza's Saga Card ListShop Urza's Saga