Trading Cards

We use a generic trading card grading system for all of our singles card stock. The vast majority of our singles are Near Mint. We are now offering Near Mint, Light Play, and Moderate Play graded cards on our website.

We check for 6 things when grading cards, Edges, Surface, Clouding (Foils), Centering, Bends/Creases, and Fading.

The tiers are as follows:

Near Mint/Mint (NM/M)– A near-perfect card with perhaps one or two minor imperfections, such as a blunt corner, a tiny nick here or there, or a slightly imperfect surface. Card is centered well enough to not notice at a glance and the card must have close to it’s entire original gloss. Foil cards must have little no no clouding/scratches. Cards cannot be written on or altered in any way. Near Mint cards are not easily distinguishable from new cards in an unsleeved stack.

Lightly Played– A card with definitive wear that would be expected of some play without sleeves. Some original gloss is lost and the edges show moderate wear. All four corners typically show some wear. Centering might be noticed at a glance but should not be a defining feature of this grade.

Moderately Played- A card that shows obvious handling but is still attractive despite wear and imperfections. A Moderately Played card may have a slight bend, but one that’s not severe enough to make the card unattractive. Most of the original gloss is lost and edges will be obviously imperfect. We grade cards with poor centering as Moderately Played as long as the card is so off center that it could be classed as a miss print

Heavily Play/Damaged– A very worn card with many major imperfections. These cards are not listed on our site unless they are very high value or graded. Cards of this grade are usually auctioned at $1.00 reserve on Trademe in bulk. Check out our listings to find if any are available here.

Please note; over 50,000 cards come through our stockroom every week and while our graders do their best to ensure accuracy with this volume there can be mistakes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with the cards you have received and we will provide a remedy. Thanks for the understanding.