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Dragon Shield Card Sleeves (Matte Black)

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Dragon Shield MATTE sleeves are designed to protect your gaming cards against the wear and tear of play use. Dragon Shield are made in Denmark, constructed of tough polypropylene with robust seaming, and now available with a MATTE finish for ease of shuffle. Dragon Shield are well known as the most durable and highest quality card protection sleeve in the market.

Sleeves suitable for Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

• Measurements: 67×91mm (2.64" x 3.58")
• Every box has a printed label for labeling your favorite decks.
• All boxes are made of sturdy cardboard with original dragon artwork.
• All sleeves are completely PVC free.
• The box design fits 75+ gaming cards including sleeves for easy storage of your decks.
• 100 sleeves per box.

Rhipodon the Terrible
The dragon known as Rhipodon was killed on the battlefield on the “Day of Victory”. A ball of fire charred the ground as cheers rose from the armies witnessing his demise. The last dragon to die at Northmarch, no one dreamed he would be resurrected. 

Rhipodon had collected the bones of victims for over a thousand years on Arcania, including the skull of a long dead mage named Saturion. The mage had cast a spell that would restore himself and Rhipodon to immortal life, so long as the dragon died with but one of the mage’s bones intact in his possession. They now are forever bound in some ghastly scheme.

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