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Showing 25 - 48 of 56 products
Whis, Celestial Moderator (BT9-096) [Universal Onslaught]
Whis, Destruction's Aid (EX06-11) [Special Anniversary Set]
Whis, Destruction's Conductor (EX11-03) [Universe 7 Unison]
Whis, Ethereal Guidance (P-207) [Mythic Booster]
Whis, From on High (EX21-23) [5th Anniversary Set]
Whis, Mentor of Beerus (TB1-031) [The Tournament of Power]
Whis, Rejuvenating Support (BT16-040) [Realm of the Gods]
Whis, Sweet Gathering (P-324) [Tournament Promotion Cards]
Whis, the Regulator (BT7-035) [Assault of the Saiyans]
Whis, The Resting Attendant (BT1-044) [Galactic Battle]
Whis, the Spectator (BT8-113) [Judge Promotion Cards]

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