2018 Mega-Tin Display (Jaden & Yusei)

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Set: 2018 Mega-Tin Sealed
Release Date: 2018-08-31
The 2018 Mega-Tins bring the heat with some of the past year’s most popular cards AND brand-new cards designed specifically for these Tins! Each Tin includes three 16-card Mega-Packs containing cards from Maximum Crisis, Code of the Duelist, Circuit Break, and Extreme Force. These Mega-Packs use the traditional “1 card of each foil rarity” plus a Rare and 12 Commons configuration native to the Mega-Tins, and all cards appearing in the Mega-Packs will be included in their original booster set rarity, so you could have another chance to get popular cards like Borreload Dragon, Dragonic Diagram, Evenly Matched, or Saryuja Skull Dread.

Each 2018 Mega-Tin will also include additional non-randomized variant cards, as well as one unique new card designed specifically for that Tin! These new cards are based on the Decks used by Jaden and Yusei, the heroes of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s manga and animated series respectively, and are depicted on the Tins with the characters.

For Jaden, master of huge comebacks, say hello to Elemental HERO Nebula Neos, a new Contact Fusion that can refill your hand, negate a card’s effect until the end of turn, and banish everything on the field! A special Spell Card to help support this new Elemental HERO will be included in an upcoming product.

For Yusei, who makes the most of every card in his Deck, look for Junk Speeder, a new Synchro Monster that fills your field with Tuner monsters! It can also double its ATK when battling a monster the same turn you Synchro Summon it.

This display contains 12 Mega-Tin 2018 in total!
• 6 Mega-Tin 2018 (Jaden)
• 6 Mega-Tin 2018 (Yusei)

Each Mega-Tin contains:
• 3 Mega Packs
• 1 Elemental HERO Nebula Neo or 1 Junk Speeder

(Each Mega pack contains 16 randomly inserted game cards. Each Mega Pack contains cards from "Maximum Crisis", "Code of the Duelist", "Circuit Break", and "Extreme Force".)

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