Gold Series: Haunted Mine (Unlimited)

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Set: Gold Series 5 Sealed
Release Date: 2012-06-12
Ghosts, gold, and danger! That’s what awaits you in Gold Series: Haunted Mine, the biggest Gold Series set ever. Priceless treasures await, but only if you have the courage to brave the dangerous, trap-infested depths of the haunted mine!

Opposing their thieving ways is an army of Zombies, Traps, and Traps that become Zombies (or Machines, or Reptiles, or Rocks) ready to fight them off and keep them away from the Haunted Mine’s treasures. In fact, there are just so many of them that this Gold Series is the biggest one yet, clocking in at 55 cards total!

There are 6 Ghost/Gold Rare hybrid cards, 12 Gold Rares, and 37 Common cards in all.

Each Gold Series: Haunted Mine contains 25 cards:
• 1 Ghost/Gold Rare hybrid card
• 2 Gold Rare cards
• 22 Common cards

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