UniVersus—Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity

One hundred years ago, humanity faced extinction when the monstrous Titans invaded and devoured almost all humans. The survivors hid behind massive walls to protect themselves. The Titans are a distant memory, and a boy named Eren dreams of exploring the world outside Wall Maria. But his dream will become a nightmare when the Titans return and humanity is again on the edge of destruction.

Welcome to the world of Attack on Titan, the biggest UniVersus set ever!

Attack on Titan: Battle for Humanity marks the beginning of a new chapter in UniVersus play, featuring a full suite of new products, a lower barrier to entry for new players, our first double sided cards and much more. Featuring the unique visual style of the Attack on Titan manga, this set will blow your expectations away!


  • Bringing the manga to life in this set gives it a distinct visual style that is sure to attract a lot of attention
  • Double-sided cards debut in this set as both transforming Titan characters and as other exciting card types
  • 6 different serialized Chrome Rare character cards appear in this set
  • Featuring over 300 cards, this set will have a wide variety of items for players to collect, including parallel foil cards and alternate art cards

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