Welcome to the new Otakumart!

old.otakumart.co.nz is now back up! Those who wish to access their order history and Otaku Tokens on our old system can now do so here.

We're thrilled to introduce you to the new and improved Otakumart!

Over the years, Otakumart has grown tremendously, from selling just a few model kits and figurines on Trademe as a hobby, we now carry vastly more stock from dozens of big brands and employ multiple people in our own modest 108sqm warehouse and office. Throughout this growth, we've realized that our most important asset: our website, is now severely under powered and inefficient.

For the past few months, we have been working diligently to bring you a vastly more robust website and better shopping experience. With this new site also comes a superior backend enabling us to communicate with customers and process orders more effectively.

This new system has been built from the ground up and there are many changes which will be outlined below. In some cases we've had to weigh up and choose between features but overall we believe these changes will be a huge improvement.

This site is now fully launched however we are still smoothing out the bumps. You may notice some issues or parts that are incomplete.

Key Changes:

Trading Card Singles overhaul. We have completely scrapped our previous antiquated system and moved to a new one which boasts massively better performance (No more error 504 on those big orders!), a bigger range, and most importantly, regularly updated prices benchmarked against the market. The downside of this change is that we have lost our card catalog filters however we will re-implement these at a later date. In conjunction with this, our warehouse has been rearranged to allow for significantly more efficient picking of card singles orders.

Please note: We are taking inventory of our singles range as we list the stock on our new system, please expect a delay before the full range is available again.

Old Otakumart: Unfortunately, for privacy and technical reasons, customer accounts, order history, Otaku Tokens, and outstanding coupons cannot be directly moved onto our new system. This information will be preserved however and is accessible at the following link: old.otakumart.co.nz. We plan to maintain this site indefinitely.

Outstanding Pre-orders/orders: Any unfulfilled orders on our old site will be fulfilled as normal, no action is required. You will still be able to view your outstanding orders via your account menu here: old.otakumart.co.nz/my-account.

Otaku Tokens will be discontinued: With the launch of our new website and store we've made the call to discontinue our Otaku Token loyalty program for the time being as it does not mesh with our new systems. We understand this may come as a disappointment but we want to reassure you that any tokens accrued will not be lost. You can still sign in and check your balance at old.otakumart.co.nz and when you are ready, contact us to have your points converted into a coupon for usage on our new site. We will also add 5% to the value as a bonus. There is no cutoff for this and your points will not expire in the meantime.

We'd like to add, once the dust settles, we'll be looking to add a new, similar program, that can also be used in our store once it has opened.

Outstanding coupons: Any current coupons that have not yet been used will not be functional on our new site, if you'd like to have your coupon converted, please contact us to do so. There is no cutoff for this asides from any coupon expiration dates.

Shipping: Due to costs continuing to rise from every angle and the backend difficulties with our current volume based shipping options, we've decided to revamp our shipping once again. We will now offer only 2 simplified options:

  • Courier: $4.99
  • Free shipping over $200

You can check out our new shipping info page here for further details.

Note: Due to abuse of our envelope option on our old site, it has been permanently discontinued. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Note: Due to abuse of our international shipping options, economy methods have been discontinued permanently. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Squishmallows: We now stock Squishmallows! Check out our range here.

Known Issues:

Filters not displaying on large collections: This issue is a system limitation and will be reviewed at a later date. In the meantime, customers can refine the products shown via the search bar or sub collections.

Card attribute filters not displaying in card single collections: This feature will be reimplemented at a later date. In the meantime, cards can be filtered with the search bar or by selecting tags on the product page.

Please let us know any feedback or concerns you may have to help us continue to bring you the best hobby experience!Known issues:

NB: This page will be updated as we work through the development of our new site. Everything on this new site is subject to change without notice.

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