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Abduction (Paul McCabe) [World Championship Decks 1997]
Abduction [Classic Sixth Edition]
Abduction [Weatherlight]
Magic: The Gathering Abduction [Weatherlight]
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Aboshan's Desire [Odyssey]
Abundant Growth (Borderless) [Secret Lair Drop Series]
Abundant Growth (Surge Foil) [Fallout]
Abundant Growth [Dominaria United Commander]
Abundant Growth [Fallout]
Magic: The Gathering Abundant Growth [Fallout]
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Abundant Growth [Mystery Booster]
Abzan Runemark [Fate Reforged]
Magic: The Gathering Abzan Runemark [Fate Reforged]
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Abzan Runemark [Mystery Booster]
Acquired Mutation (Surge Foil) [Fallout]
Acquired Mutation [Fallout]
Magic: The Gathering Acquired Mutation [Fallout]
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Aerial Modification [Jumpstart 2022]
Aether Meltdown [Kaladesh]
Magic: The Gathering Aether Meltdown [Kaladesh]
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Aether Web [Time Spiral]
Magic: The Gathering Aether Web [Time Spiral]
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Aggression [Ice Age]
Agility [Mirage]
Magic: The Gathering Agility [Mirage]
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Agoraphobia [Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska]

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