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Showing 49 - 72 of 77 products
Chain Attack Shugesh (Uncommon) (BT13-008) [Supreme Rivalry]
Chain Attack Tora (Common) (BT13-006) [Supreme Rivalry]
Fasha, Bardock's Crewmate (DB3-036) [Giant Force]
Fasha, Deluge of Power (DB1-072) [Dragon Brawl]
Fasha, Feelings Bequeathed (BT18-101) [Dawn of the Z-Legends]
Frieza, Universe 7 United (DB1-031) [Dragon Brawl]
Hidden Awakening Kale (BT2-095) [Union Force]
Imparted Wishes Tora (DB3-119) [Giant Force]
Planetary Invader Fasha (TB3-027) [Clash of Fates]
Planetary Invader Tora (TB3-025) [Clash of Fates]
Shugesh, Bardock's Crewmate (DB3-038) [Giant Force]
Shugesh, Raider's Warcry (DB1-073) [Dragon Brawl]
SS Bardock, Spirit Resonance (EX17-03) [Saiyan Booster]
SS Vegeta, Exploiting Weakness (DB1-002) [Dragon Brawl]

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