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Assailant Vegeta (BT1-037) [Galactic Battle]
At All Costs Vegeta (Shatterfoil) (BT4-030) [Dragon Brawl]
Comrades Combined Vegeta (EX01-02) [Mighty Heroes]
Comrades Combined Vegeta (Foil) (EX01-02) [Mighty Heroes]
Dauntless Spirit SSB Vegeta (BT3-060) [Cross Worlds]
Deadly Defender Vegeta (BT5-034) [Miraculous Revival]
Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (BT2-010) [Union Force]
Dragon Ball Z History Box Vol.12 Majin Vegeta
Dynamic Blow Vegeta (DB2-135) [Divine Multiverse]
Enraged Eminence Vegeta (DB2-134) [Divine Multiverse]
FS02 Vegeta Starter Deck | Dragon Ball Super

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