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Everybody's Pal Yamcha (P-077) [Judge Promotion Cards]
Everybody's Pal Yamcha (P-077) [Promotion Cards]
Honed Moves Yamcha (TB2-042) [World Martial Arts Tournament]
Kamehameha Blast Yamcha (BT7-062) [Assault of the Saiyans]
Majin Buu, Ultimate Despair (BT14-077) [Cross Spirits]
Perfect Force Cell (SPR) (BT2-084) [Union Force]
Robelu, Demigra's Secretary (BT13-154) [Supreme Rivalry]
Son Gohan, Master and Pupil (DB1-098) [Dragon Brawl]
Yamcha (BT2-082) [Union Force]
Dragon Ball Super Yamcha (BT2-082) [Union Force]
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Yamcha (BT5-010) [Miraculous Revival]
Yamcha the Lawless (P-215) [Promotion Cards]

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