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Shaman of Forgotten Ways [Dragons of Tarkir]

Solid double sleeving for yugioh

Need to get another one

Didn't get the prize bey but at least i didn't get the worst one

Dragon Shield Quality is Always A+

Dragon Shield quality is top-tier and they're the only brand I know of where the binder pages actually lay flat (even when full of sleeved cards). The pages are glossy unlike the pics.

I wish the brand offered a ringless binder with a zip-closure... but this codex is still a great product!

Great company

Very fast delivery, came within 2 to 3 days, which is very surprising for delivery. Also they sell legitimate products and stuff, so would highly recommend 👌

Great set

Great set great price, otakumart the best!

Ponder [Magic 2012]
Liam Ferguson

Ponder [Magic 2012]

Shield Liger Review

This was my very first time assembling a model like this for myself. Absolutely loved putting this together. I did choose to glue some pieces that wouldn't stay secure, bit otherwise the shield liger is everything I wanted. Thank you guys so much! This was a great 30th birthday present.

Divergent Powers Tin (Hisuian Decidueye) | Pokemon TCG

very high quality and i’m very happy with my purchase

Aquitect's Will [Lorwyn]

Gatling Dragon Beyblade

Very good product, high quality, outstanding delivery time and service. Otakumart is so good to purchase from.

Fast and easy

Hisuian Braviary (149/195) [Sword & Shield: Silver Tempest]

Fastest card shipping and best product protection

Otakumart has an amazing assortment of niche cards I can’t find anywhere else. They ship super quickly and they package them to survive courier shipping in perfect condition.

Still building the deck but can't say no to shiny bling cardboard :)

Lost Origin Booster Box | Pokemon TCG

Playmat Tube w/ Dice Holder (Smoke) | BCW

Awesome! Aesthetically functional and just what I need. Cheers

Gundvolva | HG 1/144
Tawhiri Brightwell
Amazing model

Amazing articulation on this gunpla, great detail for an HG! Awesome service from Otakumart as well, super fast with processing the order and received my order the next day!

SV 151 Zapdos ex Collection

Another awesome purchase, great pricing, service and shipping times!

Kozuki Erina | B2 Tapestry
Muhammad Ali Mentes

Best Tapestry

Gorgeous folder

Got it as a Valentines gift for my girlfriend who loves Van Gogh, absolute hit. We usually already love Dragon Shield products, but this is possibly her favourite.

Stunning Figure from BINDing

As usual this figure is the expected quality of BINDing. A beautiful 1/4 scale . The photos do not do these figures justice. you have to see them in person to appreciate them. She has a total height of around 33cm. So she is fairly large and a nice mirror base to go with it. Definitely one I am glad to have in my collection. And as usual super great service from the team at Otakumart <3


Very happy with the fast service (and the little packet of Haribo gummies!) and in love with the little birds that arrived. Just would like to note to that the product is not completely "blind" as I thought it would be - the picture on the outside of the box is the bird that is inside, so it would have been nice to maybe be able to choose which bird to buy but its not a huge deal :) Very happy with my wee crow and owl!

SV 151 Alakazam ex Collection

Top prices, service and shipping. Also pulled Charizard ex SIR and a host of other cool cards from just 4x boosters. 100% recommend these guys