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Magic: The Gathering
1000+ Bulk Basic Lands w/ Storage Box

Great for new players or those looking to expand their Magic: The Gathering collection, these bundles include over 1000 cards and a storage box to keep them in.

  • Card condition ranges from Played to Near Mint.
  • Can include cards from any set but the vast majority of the cards in these bundles will be from Modern/Standard sets.
  • These boxes are designed to hold at least 800 Magic: The Gathering cards and are packed full so you will always receive more than 1000 cards.

These cards are largely unsorted and can occasionally contain many duplicates, the odd damaged, foreign, dual land, and/or Token. We do our best to exclude these however.

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Packed Dimensions: 2.0 kg - 37 x 12 x 7.5 cm

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