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Magic: The Gathering
1000+ Bulk Tokens w/ Storage Box

Great for new players or those looking to expand their Magic: The Gathering collection, these bundles include over 1000 cards and a storage box to keep them in.

  • Card condition ranges from Played to Near Mint.
  • Can include cards from any set but the vast majority of the cards in these bundles will be from Modern/Standard sets.
  • These boxes are designed to hold at least 800 Magic: The Gathering cards and are packed full so you will always receive more than 1000 cards.
  • Please note: These can contain rule, punch, advertisement, story/lore cards or any other cards that are in the token slot.

These cards are largely unsorted and can occasionally contain many duplicates, the odd damaged, foreign, rule, story/lore or any other card that may be in the token slot.

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Packed Dimensions: 2.0 kg - 37 x 12 x 7.5 cm

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