Battle Pack: Epic Dawn - Booster Box (1st Edition)

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Set: Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed
Release Date: 2012-05-28
Engineering the Perfect Pack

Duelists have enjoyed sealed pack play for years, using normal booster packs. What makes Battle Packs so different is that they’re the first set specifically designed for sealed pack play.

Harken back to a time when a single Summon or a well-timed Trap Card could decide the course of a Duel. Without the mass summoning and mass destruction tricks that players rely on in normal duels, you will have to hone your tactical skills to a razor-sharp point.

So, are you up to the challenge? Because Battle Packs are a whole new way to play.

The Battle Pack: Epic Dawn set contains 220 cards:
• 55 Rare Cards
• 165 Common Cards
(Plus, all 220 cards are also available as Starfoil Cards)

Each Battle Pack: Epic Dawn booster box contains 36 Packs.

• Each Battle Pack: Epic Dawn booster pack contains 5 randomly inserted game cards

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