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PLANNOSAURUS Model Kit by Bandai

Bandai's "Plannosaurus" model-kit brand encourages you to learn about dinosaurs by assembling them yourself from the skeleton out!

Begin with the "skeletal build," assembling the dinosaur's skeleton piece by piece; the "dinosaur build" them allows you to attach the outer skin parts to the skeleton. Nippers and glue are not required, so they're easy to assemble, too!

The Brachiosaurus, the super-large sauropod from the late Jurassic period, features the huge nasal cavity on the top of the head and the row of chisel-sharp for biting into plants. The long forelimbs that extend from the shoulders, which are higher than the waist, are recreated as accurately as possible based on fossils. The tail, which is short for a sauropod but is thought to have been a powerful weapon against predators, is also reproduced. The characteristic skeletal shape of the neck is realistically expressed, including the neural spines that firmly support the long neck muscles, the increased strength due to the overlapping of bones, and the gaps on the sides of the neck. The neck moves smoothly after assembly, so you can recreate the movement of lowering the neck from the base to drink water or eat grass on the ground. The sharp claws on the thumbs of the front legs and the hind legs, which are shaped like they are standing on tiptoe and cannot be seen from the outside, are based on the skeleton.

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Packed Dimensions: 1.0 kg - 30 x 19 x 6.6 cm

Release Status: Pre-order

Initital Release Date: November 2024

Classification: PLANNOSAURUS

Please note that model kits may require adhesives/paint to bring out their full potential. Images shown may be of a prototype and final result may vary. Accessories are sold separately unless stated otherwise.

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