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Set: 2012 Wave 1 Evolzar Dolkka Collector's Tin Sealed
Release Date: 2012-08-14
First introduced in Photon Shockwave, Dolkka and his twin tyrant of terror, Evolzar Laggia, have brought their own brand of autocratic annihilation to the Dueling universe! Created by using 2 Dinosaurs as Xyz Materials, Evolzar Dolkka can negate and destroy any opposing monster that activates its effect. Combined with Evolzar Laggia (which negates Summons, Spells, and Traps) these dynastic despots can shut down any strategy!

The Evolzar Dolkka Collectible Tin also include Wind-Up Zenmaines. This popular Rank 3 Xyz Monster is a powerful defensive line for your Deck. If it would be destroyed, you can just detach an Xyz Material instead. But what really makes Zenmaines an all-star is that at the end of any turn in which you saved it from destruction using its effect, it also gets to destroy 1 card on the field!

The Evolzar Dolkka Collectible Tin includes:
• 3 Photon Shockwave booster packs
• 2 Galactic Overlord booster packs
• 1 Secret Rare card: Evolzar Dolkka
• 1 Super Rare card: Genex Neutron
• 1 Super Rare card: Scrap Dragon
• 1 Super Rare card: Dark Highlander
• 1 Super Rare card: Wind-Up Zenmaines

Each booster pack contains 9 randomly inserted game cards.

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