GameMaster Terrain Kit: Ruins & Cliffs

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The Army Painter GameMaster Terrain Kit:
Ruins & Cliffs

Whether you’re preparing to build rugged rocks or sloping ridges, the GAMEMASTER: Ruins & Cliffs Terrain Kit will supply you with all the paints and basing materials you need to create amazing scenery for any RPG system or skirmish miniature game.

In this kit you’ll find a unique Terrain Primer that won’t corrode your building material - no matter if you’re building with XPS foam, Styrofoam or MDF fiber board. Combined with handpicked paints, washes, basing materials and tufts you are well on your way to bringing cliffsides and tattered buildings to life. Don’t let anything but your imagination hold you back! Find inspiration in our many online tutorial videos, or the inspirational guide included in this set.

Recommended to use in combination with GAMEMASTER Core Set and Hot Wire Foam Cutter.


  • 300 ml Ruins & Cliffs Terrain Primer
  • 4 x 18 ml Paints
  • 50 ml Ruins Base
  • 77 Crag Tufts
  • 1 bag of Abandoned Overgrowth
  • 150 ml Scenery Sand
  • Free Razorwire

Building Once you have cut out your XPS Foam Sheets, then it might be time to put some terrain materials on, or you might want to wait till after you have primed? Either way it is time to start painting.

Priming We recommend using the Terrain Primer outside with the pieces on a stirring stick or other holder to keep paint off your fingers. Remember to use protective gear. When priming, try to mix up the angles of your approach, making sure you include a top-down motion to ensure maximum coverage. Depending on your working environment expect at least an hour to dry.

Painting Time to get out your paints and brushes and get your parts painted in the scheme. Have a look at some of the links under tutorials for inspiration on how to paint your terrain.

Shake Paints Well When you purchase Gamemaster paints, the paint inside might have separated a bit. So to get a good experience you need to shake them like this: 

  1. Shake the bottle hard 
  2. Squeeze out a bit of the separated medium 
  3. Shake for 30 seconds 
  4. Squeeze out a bit of paint to check the consistency 

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