German 3.7cm Flak37 Anti-Aircraft Gun w/Crew | 1/35 Military Miniature Series No.302

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German 3.7cm Flak37 Anti-Aircraft Gun w/Crew
1/35 Military Miniature Series No.302 by Tamiya

5 Figures in Realistic Pose

The 3.7cm Flak37 was one of the most significant German anti-aircraft guns used by the German forces during WWII. Each clip contained 6 rounds and it could fire a maximum of 160 rounds per minute, or 80 rounds per minute at the normal rate. The Flak37 was deployed to many fronts to defend airspace, and in the latter half of WWII it was also used in the anti-tank role armed with armor piercing shells. In addition, many Flak37s were mounted onto 8-ton Sd.Kfz 7/2 half-tracks and used as mobile anti-aircraft guns.

First released in 1989, Tamiya"s mechanically detailed 1/35 3.7cm Flak 37 became a very popular item and often appeared in dioramas as a supporting piece. Fans have long awaited the release of this kit with anti-aircraft crew figures, and a collaboration with ICM has made this possible. A diorama depicting the crew shooting at a low flying approaching fighter aircraft can now be accurately portrayed with this set. The set features excellently proportioned figures with sharp details.
Set includes 5 crewmen figures: A commander looking into binoculars, a gunner,a spotter with rangefinder, and two loaders.
Displaying this set with other 1/35 scale military figures and vehicles would definitely addexcitement to any diorama.
Add greater realism to these figures with the WWII German Military Insignia Decal Set (Item #12625).

About the Item
1/35 scale plastic assembly kit which features the German 3.7cm Flak37 anti-aircraft gun and five crew figures in Luftwaffe uniforms.
★The gun barrel features sliding forward/reverse, elevation/depression, and swiveling movement actions.
★Includes a trailer to depict the gun in a towed position.
★The clip can be assembled with either high explosive or armor piercing shells. ★Includes parts to depict the stick projectile type 42 ordnance.
★Figures such as a commander with binoculars, a spotter with rangefinder, gunner, and two loaders are included to create a diorama of the crew getting ready to attack the incoming enemy aircraft.

Image shows assembled and painted kit.

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Packed Dimensions: 0.2 kg - 28 x 17.5 x 4.6 cm

Release Status: Released

Initital Release Date: June 2009

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