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Precious G.E.M. Series Statue

From the anime series Digimon Adventure 02 comes the Ultimate Digimon Paildramon!

The moment Davis was able to create an emotional bond with Ken allowed this powerful DNA Digivolution to take place, creating the powerful Paildramon with the arms and legs of a dragon and the ironclad body of an insect’s shell – all faithfully captured on this Precious G.E.M Series figure!

The figure has been sculpted in a dynamic pose with his biological cannons ready to release his Desperado Blaster attack! Be sure to display him together with Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode to bring out the Digital world in your collection!

Pre-Painted Figure. Approx. 240mm in Height and 370mm in Length.

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Packed Dimensions: 3.0 kg -

Release Status: Released

Initital Release Date: June 2022

Classification: Precious G.E.M. Series

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