The Army Painter Hobby Tool Kit

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The Army Painter Hobby Tool Kit
Hobby Supplies by The Army Painter

This amazing set has been designed to give the wargamer a “one box fits all” tool kit.

Includes all the basic tools you need to assemble any miniatures army. It also includes a free 5g Super Glue as well as a guide to tool safety and the Army Painter Technique Painting Guide.

How to open Super Glue:

Use a needle to push through the the bottle neck to open flow of glue. 

Works great for assembling plastic, resin and metal miniatures

How to use Green Stuff: 

  1. Take equal parts of the blue and yellow parts
  2. Knead them using your fingers until they are completely green
  3. Using Sculpting Tools shape the ball and let dry
  4. Green Stuff completely cures within 24 hours.

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