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The Army Painter Battlefield
Jungle Tuft

Bright green and full of imaginary mosquitoes, this tuft closely mimics the jungle or spring grass early in the season. Create miniature scenery bases with these model basing materials. Tufts are very easily applicable, and can be used to add details to your battlefields as well as your individual miniatures.

Super realistic looking and comes in 3 different sizes for any base size. Attach easily with the help of our Tweezer Set and Super Glue.

Contains 77 tufts. 

How to use: 

  1. Use our Tweezers Set to select and hold a single tuft
  2. Add glue to the bottom, if you want speedy adhesion use Super Glue
  3. Using Tweezers Set the tuft exactly where you want and let dry

Super Glue vs. Battlefield Basing Glue

You can use both our Super Glue and our Battlefield Basing Glue. If your are going to mount a lot of tufts then having a little cup of Battlefield Basing Glue to dip the tuft in and make the process flow easier - but for speedy mounting of tufts Super Glue is the way to go.

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Packed Dimensions: 0.07 kg - 23 x 7 x 2 cm

Release Status: Released

Initital Release Date: June 2020

Classification: The Army Painter Battlefield

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