HEAVY PLAY now available at Otakumart

A new vision in card gaming. Playmats, deck boxes, and card sleeves with enhanced ergonomics, mobility, and protection.


Heavy Play is inspired by play above all else. The term “heavily played” is negative when it comes to card grading—it means that card has seen some action. Our brand, however, celebrates playing your cards and always playing to your full potential.

We make gameday easier so you can focus on playing optimally and always finding the line. Whether you're a homebrewer or net decker, a Spike or a filthy casual, we want to make you a better player. That's our mission at Heavy Play.


The established card gaming accessories industry has been slow to evolve. Hand-glued, hand-stitched cardboard deckboxes were sold as "premium" and players never had a better choice.

Heavy Play draws upon modern manufacturing techniques and materials from the mobile protection industry and brings them into card gaming. Machined panels and welded, stitchless construction make our products thinner yet stronger. Expertly designed, precisely engineered, and meticulously manufactured—this is Heavy Play.

EquipMAG™ System

Packing up all your card gaming gear can be a challenge, especially on gamedays. You've got to roll up a floppy playmat and juggle a loose deckbox, all while trying to find your next match. Those days are over now with the HEAVY PLAY EquipMAG™ System.

EquipMAG™ is our patent-pending modular system for connecting all your card gaming equipment. Neodymium magnets quickly and securely connect your dice, deck, and playmat together—allowing you to carry it all in single hand.

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